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1985 - Birth
Athena Mae Garrison was born in Rome, New York on October 17, 1985 at roughly 5:17pm. She weighed in at 7 lbs. 7 oz.
1986 - The Move to Germany

Athena was a little over one year old when she and her parents moved to Sembac Air Force Base in Germany. She spent 4 yrs. there. She was able to experience an new culture and way of life.  Her dream of a "kingdom" where her family would grow and live to gether in harmony began there, after hearing a song titled One tin soldier from the movie Billy Jack.

1987 - A New Brother

My brother Josh, was born on December 4th, 1987. Athena spent so much time hugging Mom swollen belly, talking with him and she and Mom would sing One Tin Soldier to him every day until he was born. She always said that his name was Joshua and refused to accept the name her parents had picked for him. Needless to say, she got her way with it.

1989 - Another Brother

March 26th, 1989 was when I came into her life. Again, she spent many hours beforehand, talking to Mom's belly, holding my brother close by, sharing her joy of new life, sharing their song One Tin Soldier and her dream of our Kingdom. Making introductions, telling tales of daily events, and her excitement grew as my arrival drew nearer.

Winter of 1990
The family returned to the United States. We went to Layton, Utah. Our parents bought our first house. Athena quickly made friends with everyone she could find. She started kindergarten there, and read to both me and Joshua daily. She had alway been very intelligent. She loved learning new things, then sharing them with her brothers.
My dad got out of the military and we moved to my mom's hometown in Anderson, Indiana. We lived on an old farm; Athena would find baby animals and bring them home to care for until they were strong enough to go back to the wild.

Our parents divorced, then Mom moved us to Sylva, North Carolina. We're cradled by the Appallacian Mountains. Again, Athena was swift to make friends, yet never let Joshua or myself feel second to any of them; her family always came first.
We all lived in a little white house by the river.  We would fish and swim nearly every day when the weather permitted. Athena was like a mermaid; you couldn't keep her out of the water. She was ever watchful (as was Mom) over Joshua and I as we reluctantly learned to swim. She wanted us to learn everything about the outdoors and the treasures nature had to offer.  So, Mom took us on many camping trips,  late night star gazing picnics to watch meteor showers and hiking trips to see the many waterfalls our area has to offer.

We didn't have a lot of money, but Athena was always following Mom's lead in helping us understand that we were the "kingdom" and that it was our love for each other and the family we were, and the true friends we made a part of our family that had made us truly wealthy. This is, in part, how our Kingdom grew.
This was the year our father and step-mother had a new baby. 

William was born 1-5-1994. We never thought of him, or Mark -- the son of our step-mom -- as anything less than brothers .

Athena complained often of her disappiontment of not being there to share with Willy the way she shared with Joshua and I while he was growing inside his mother.
Our Kingdom grew again. We were blessed with another brother. Eric was born 7-5-1995.  Athena's only disappointment was that she had hoped with everything in her for a sister. But pleased, nonetheless.
Tragedy struck! On On August 8th, 1996, our baby brothers, William and Eric were needlessly killed in a house fire. Willy had gotten hold of a lighter left out in the open and caught a chair on fire. Terrified, he ran to his room were he and Eric perished.

Of all of us, Athena took it the hardest; Joshua and I were too young to fully understand the horror if it all.

Athena mourned them until the day she died, though we grieve them all now.
In far-off Romania, a child was born on 6-16-1996, that in 8-24-2000 would became Athenas -- and our -- sister. Elena Christine.

Athena was overjoyed, her Kingdom had grown once again, and she had a sister.  She never got over the death of our brothers, yet having Elena eased some of the pain for all of us.
Mixed blessings... Athena had gotten pregnant. We were all torn because she was just a senior in high school -- and single.

This day and age, you would think that people would be less judgmental about such things. Or, maybe we hope too much of civilization. We knew it would be hard but we were a Kingdom and we would all help to love and raise this child the way Athena loved and raised her brothers. However, we never got that chance; she had a miscarriage at the end of her first trimester.

Athena grieved the loss of her child like the other losses of loved ones, only this time from a mother's point of view.

Yet, we are somewhat comforted by the fact that she is with her child, brothers and the loved ones who have gone before her.
late 2003
Athena had moved out on her own to live in Asheville, NC, Which is only about an hour away, yet we didn't get to share the time we would have liked; it goes that way when you never dream of them being taken from you. She had many friends and worked some fairly good jobs while attending UNC part time to get her GED.

She had a wonderful talent for design.  She was very artistic and a wonderful writer.  She had concerns for humanity and compassion for eveyone and everything.  Her heart was as big as the Cosmos.  Her passion for life was just as immense.

She made a huge impact on everyone she encountered, had she lived, she would have made great things happen in amazing ways.
2005 - The End of Her Life
Athena was taken from us tragically in a car accident at 12:04am.  The person driving was drunk.  She was pronounced dead at 10:00am on November 19, 2005 at the age of 20. However, she lives on in our hearts and memories,
Even in death, Athena made remarkable impacts in this world. She was able to save the lives of three poeple she never met;  Athena was an organ doner. A 17 year old girl was saved with one of her kidneys.  A 54 year old man was spared with the other. A 56 year old man was saved with her liver. Sadly, she was not able to donate her heart or lungs due to damage she suffered in the accident.
2006 - Justice

Near the end of June, [I'll post the exact date in which this happened once I remember it] the trial date for the driver of the car that killed our sister had arrived and come to a swift close. Though our family feels she should've been convicted of so much as third or even second degree murder, she got off with manslaughter, and all other charges brought against her were consolidated into one charge. In total, she was sentenced to no more than 18 months in a federal prison. However, everyone who knew Athena is absolutely certain that the instant the driver gets out of prison, she'll do something to have another felony charge rain down on her and she'll be put away for the rest of her life. it is but a matter of when this will occur.

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